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The Internet and the music industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Internet and the music business - Essay Example Copyright is one of the classes of protected innovation that guarantees restrictive rights to the maker of a specific bit of work which can be a distribution, a circulation or an adjustment for a specific timeframe in readiness to the section of the said work in the open space. It alludes to manifestations of the psyche that can be imaginative, logical, masterful or scholarly in structure which is a unique thought of the maker (World Intellectual Property Organization, 2009b). One of the most significant types of media secured by the copyright law is the music which can be as melodic arrangements and sound accounts. The examination embraced focuses on the introduction of the various issues, issues and discussions that can abuse the copyright law. There are various ways that can disregard the copyright law according to music. One is theft and the other is the restricted sharing through the web. The primary objective of the exploration is the robbery of music through the web. Web, bein g a specialist of information sharing and perceived as data interstate can be considered to outperform the restrictions of the laws that covers different territories explicitly regarding copyright. This can be ascribed to the way that the said innovative progression can't be obstructed by separation or regional boundaries (Lehman, 1995; Silverthorne, 2004).

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Diversity in American Society Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Assorted variety in American Society - Research Paper Example America has put high an incentive on assorted variety, for example, ethnic gatherings have changed and praised their legacy, and offspring of workers grow up encountering the dialects. America’s achievement is because of foundation of society that grasps decent variety and commends the distinctions of different societies. The various societies share fundamental beliefs, for example, training, family, confidence and noble cause subsequently decent variety has prompted incredible achievement and improvement of American culture. Because of migration and mistreatment, that is, the Catch 22 of Nativism in a Nation of Immigrants (America), English was the essential communicated in language. The Alaska Natives and American Indians rehearsed English as their primary language. Different foreigners who came to America took in the language; subsequently, the present settlers ought to do likewise by learning or rehearsing English. Subsequently, every person who intended to live in America for all time needed to acclimatize and become familiar with the English language Liquor addiction is the most well-known medical issue. Local people group experience the ill effects of the basic indicators of unexpected frailty, for example, joblessness, destitution, and secondary school dropout. The local individuals face five medical issues. Gold country Natives and American Indians have high pace of diabetes. It is an issue of neediness and constrained access to solid food (Weaver, 2014). The legislature - supported Special Diabetes Program for the locals has helped improving the strength of the diabetic. There is food development to recuperate Native American cooking and old farming practices. Local Americans capitulate to injury at an early age when contrasted with white men. Local individuals are progressively inclined to kick the bucket by fire, in a fender bender or pass on as a person on foot. Sexual maltreatment is another issue among Native Americans. The American Indian ladies are profoundly assaulted more than the national normal as indicated by Justice Department. The inborn courts neglect to arraign non-local men who assault the local ladies on ancestral grounds.

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Vincor and the new World of wine Essay Example for Free

Vincor and the new World of wine Essay Worldwide Wine Industry new world: U. S. , Australia, Chile, Argentina old world: France, Italy, Spain Australia pioneer of new world wine trading Top 10 wine exporters represented 90% of all out sending out France world pioneer in wine creation and second in sending out Italy old and built up industry like France depended on handle to control quality like France second in wine creation, pioneer in trading Australia great quality wine, costs low since the 1860’s business was conceived, full grown sixth for creation, fourth in trading (5. 5% piece of the overall industry in sending out). Chile created 1979 (new) tenth biggest maker, has 4. 5% piece of the pie in sending out (positioned fifth) Argentina low quality wine, yet long history fifth most noteworthy maker however not in top 10 for trading can't trade (transport) marks that could contend in the more significant expense classes (all the more then $100 per bottle) All different nations could contend in transportation the more significant expense class wine Major World Market developing industry, rose 2. 2% in 2001, evaluated to rise 1. 2% in 2002, and anticipated to grow by 120 million cases by 2010. Most development expected to originate from significant wine devouring countries, US, UK, Australia, South Africa, China, Russia (last 2 were less grown yet expected to develop) Half the estimation of all imports was bought by three greatest merchants: UK, US, Germany France and Italy, top two on the planet for per capita utilization, Italy had a little market for imported wines Import showcase size for France is 12. 4% contrasted with 2. 4% in Italy UK wine showcase â€Å"crucible†, little household wine creation and great relations with wine makers around the globe UK number 7 for wine utilization yet developing pattern, typically commanded by Old world yet new world imports had developed as Australia wines supplanted French as number 1 import Canada was positioned 30th in world for per capita utilization with expanding pattern Japan send consistent increment in size of imported wine advertise Asia introduced extraordinary open door since exceptionally populated and undiscovered The U. S. Wine Industry high caliber of wine on account of California. US fourth biggest wine maker, California wines representing 90% of creation volume Top states are California, New York, Washington, Oregon Big gains in sending out, sixth in world, greatest markets include: UK, Canada, Japan speak to 66% of all out fare third biggest devouring business sector half for new world, half old world imports spoke to 25% of piece of the overall industry California wines overwhelmed household showcase with 67% piece of the overall industry Premium wine represent 30% of market and 62% of incomes, developing pattern since expanded 8% in 2001 Value wines developed by just 1. 5% in volume Largest maker EJ gracefully 30% of market, no other maker has all the more then 15% Distribution arrangement of makers to wholesalers to supermarkets/alcohol store/eateries Wineries may sell legitimately to client Role of conveyance channel was developing and taking on more noteworthy vital significance as the pattern towards global and residential union developed The Canadian Wine Industry accomplishment underway of excellent wine just goes back 25 years (new) making wines for all the more then two centuries. VQA propelled to ensure pioneer of Ontario’s wine industry made quality wine Canadian started to perceive when while wineries developed of significance of having the VQA emblem Canadians showed that grape assortments in cooler developing conditions could make great quality wine contrasted with hotter developing districts (diverse not more awful) Sales of Canadian quality wines were expanding as buyers climbed the quality and value scale Canadian quality wines started to catch both local and universal acknowledgment in deals as well as by gathering intriguing rundown of noteworthy honors 1989 honor for its icewine in France advertise introduction for Canadian wines by icewine in European market and growing business sector openings in US and Asia The Australian. Wine Industry conveys huge amounts of excellent marked wine to universes advertise, at costs not exactly huge numbers of Old World and New World contenders little local market since populace just 17 million best way to develop is by going worldwide expected to keep on picking up piece of the overall industry in send out biggest exporter to UK, where 7/10 top 10 wine brands were Australian Exports to North America developed by 27% in volume. Utilization of Australian wine in Canada developed by 24% and in US by 35% Growth pattern expected to proceed with development driven by deals of premium red wine which represented 53% of fares household development pace of 4% every year industry unregulated where wineries permitted to have own retail outlets and sell straightforwardly to retailers and on premise clients 7,500 of retail outlets represented 56% of deals 28,000 on premise outlets represented 44% of deals 4 significant wineries represented 80% of creation (1300 wineries complete). Patterns in the Global Wine Industry most sweltering deals class was Australian wines, indicating twofold digit development rates North American market development of 3%, developing pattern of red wines and premium wines************* Vincor International Inc. in activity since 1989 (new) danger of heading off to the US was that wine is a rural industry and defenseless to changing climate conditions Mission Statement: To get one of the world top 10 wine organizations, delivering Vincon-claimed New World, premium marked wines, which are promoted and sold through Vincor-controlled deals and dispersion frameworks in all significant premium wine expending areas. Where were the enormous markets biggest market of New World deal in US (as of now there) 10 billion, UK and Australia at 3. 7 billion every, at that point Canada and rest of Europe at 700 million to be world player should be in 5-6 markets universal procedure to grow new geographic markets for center brands (icewine) which gave world acknowledgment icewine (Inniskillin) was extravagance item as far as valuing and edges great involvement with Asia (one of top five wine marks in select Asian obligation free stores) and great involvement with US from 2001 dispatch put in 1,850 top of the line cafés to 2002 sold in 3,300 European dispatch of Inniskillin in 2002.

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Conflict in the Play Trifles Research Assignment - 550 Words

Conflict in the Play Trifles Research Assignment (Essay Sample) Content: Student's NameInstructor's NameCourseDateConflict in the Play TriflesThe literary devices in literature are used to convey a special message to the readers. These devices are used to emphasize points and make ideas clearer to the readers. In the Susan Glaspells play, the Trifles, conflict as a literary device is the most evident in this play. It focuses on the negation of basic rights for liberty and safety, that in a male dominated society, all females deserve.The author has clearly shown the gender conflicts in the play. The women are seen as the trifles, they have nothing of importance and they are only found in kitchens. And according to what men are doing, they are seen as crucial in the society. However, the author argues on the roles played by women in the society and shows how knowledge and perspective are devalued in the society.In this play, Susan clearly shows the subjugation of women by the male counter parts. There is the investigation of the murder of Jo hn Wright, and this shows the restrictions and social conflicts of women during the early 19th century. There is the conflict between husbands and their wives and this shows the high percentage of women who feel that following husbands is their main roles.Additionally, there is a conflict between the murder investigators of John Wright and the women collecting some items for Mrs. Wright. This conflict began when women are left standing in the house door way as men go at once to the stove in order to warm themselves (1366). Susan Glaspell has used these men in order to represent how women are being left outside the business and social cycles. And when the women are invited to the fire by County Attorney, they denied the invitation (1367). This shows the feeling that in mens business, women have no place.There is also conflict arising between Mr. Wright and his wife. Susan Glaspell suggests that Mr. Wright was the main cause of her withdraw from the society. Mrs. Wright was not give a n opportunity even to socialize with her female friends. And even though she was a very good singer in church, she changed drastically after being married. Mrs. Hale describes Mrs. Wright as someone who is lively and wearing pretty clothes and she says changes in Mrs. Wright attitude is as a result of Mr. Wright (1375). However, in the murder of Mr. Wright...

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Current Topic Review Example

Essays on Current Topic Review Article Current Topic Review Current Topic Review On Monday, June 11 Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference also known as annual geek hajj kicked off in San Francisco. Brad Stone, Bloomberg Businessweek senior writer reports on the happenings of this event in his article, â€Å"Apple Debuts New Maps App, Sets July Release for Mountain Lion OS†. As expected by Apple’s die-hard fans and developers alike, senior executives from Apple announced and unveiled new products and major and minor product upgrades (Stone, 2012). The article first captures Apple’s announcement and unveiling of their new products – the new line of laptops. It offers a vivid feature-description of the new laptops such as outlining important details including reduced size, increased processing speed and flash memory. In addition, it also states the reduced price and described the upgrade MacBook Pro, which now has support for HDMI connection (Stone, 2012). In this case, the idea was to convince MacBook users on why they need to upgrade and at the same time appeal to non-users to buy and enjoy the new MacBook laptops at affordable prices. Secondly, the article offers a brief insight into the features of the soon to be launched Mount Lion OS and iOS 6. It specifies the retail price of the Mountain Lion Operating System, and it release date. It details the improvements that fans and users should expect in the upcoming Mountain Lion OS such as tighter data syncs between a Mac, iPad, and iPhones. It also announces additional and totally new features that would allow for the sync between calendar appointments, e-mails and the Mac to flow even when the system is in sleep mode. It also provides vivid highlights for the over 200 new features in iOS 6 (Stone, 2012). The author aims at making user and potential users anxious and eager to acquire or upgrade to both the iOS 6 and Mountain Lion Operating Systems. Thirdly, Apple announced and explained its relationship with third-party developers. These included the good news as far as iOS 6 and social networks are concerned. It announced the tight link between Facebook and iOS, which implied that iPad and iPhone user would be able to enjoy those services, whenever, wherever. Mostly importantly, it highlights Apple’s announcement of ditching Google’s mapping software and embracing new mapping software with better capabilities such as major cities 3D visualizations, traffic data, etc. In addition, it points out Apple’s corporate relationship with renowned car manufacturers such as GM, BMW, etc. in its quest to integrate Siri (voice recognition application) with cars (Stone, 2012). The idea here is to give third-party developers at the conference reason to trust Apple as a reliable partner in terms of third-party integrations. In addition, it outlines the innovative plans that Apple has for its users. I recommend that the author should have chosen his words carefully and structured his article in a way that it would be more interesting and revoke more conversations. It should give people something to talk about. In its description of Apple’s new laptops, upgrades, relationships with third-party developers and soon to be launched OS’s, it is only brand-led and thus makes it less differentiable in the market. It needs to be more of both brand-lend and consumer-informed. Reference Stone, B. (2012, June 11). Apple Debuts New Maps App, Sets July Release for Mountain Lion OS. Bloomberg Businessweek.

Study Skills Assignment free essay sample

References:13 PLANNING amp; REFLECTING AT POSTGRADUATE LEVEL Task 1 Develop a research strategy explaining EXACTLY how you will find relevant academic material to help you with THIS SPECIFIC ASSIGNMENT, i. e. specific search ‘strategies’ amp; ‘search terms’, which databases amp; journals you will query, how amp; why, etc. 1. Introduction: An assignment is a task that is given to testify a student’s knowledge regarding a particular subject or topic which he/she is asked to produce as a part of his/her academic course and this assignment is usually assessed. However, there are different kinds of assignments given during the course such as theoretical assignments, practical assignments containing theory and some practical approach by conducting primary research for example, development of business plan (Bell, 2002). The student/researcher when given an assignment should first develop an understanding of the contents of the assignment and then should develop a research strategy according to which he/she can start and complete the given assignment. Apart from developing a research strategy for the assignment another important which needs to be considered is the mode of data collection and the sources from where the data for the particular assignment could be gathered. Further the writer needs to keep in mind the length/word count of the assignment, the kind of report required whether an essay is asked to write or a report that might be containing headings, diagrams, charts and graphs (Bell and Chan, 2005). 2. Research strategy: A research strategy is a plan of action that gives direction to your efforts, enabling you to conduct research systematically rather than haphazardly† (Bain, 2000). The following research strategy will be employed to conduct the current assignment: * Thorough study of the topic and related subjects prior to starting the assignment. * Understanding the requirements of the assignment * Thinking of such ideas that can make the assignment different from others. * Inquiring yourself as what do I want to do in the assignment? * Collecting data through browsing different sources. Locating a specific piece of information * Retrieving all the related material on the given subject Further, for the current assignment the research strategy adopted by the writer would be based on the requirements of the assignment. As the assignment requires the development of such a strategy which will help the writer to find the academic material for the current assignment. However the following ways will be utilized to collect data. 3. Data collection methods: The most widely used data collection methods are: * Primary data collection method * Secondary data collection method 4. Primary data collection method: Primary data is usually present in raw form or in the original form which the researcher collects by employing different methods such as questionnaire, observations, and focus groups, personal and telephonic interviews. This kind of data is not used previously in any research or by anyone. Howeve r for the current study this kind of data collection method would not be required as the current assignment does not require any such data that requires the development of questionnaire, conducting interviews or observations (Kumar and Ranjit, 2005). 4. 2 Secondary data collection method: This kind of data already exists in published and non published form, however secondary data is mainly comprised of compiled statistical reports, financial reports, news, articles and journals which could be accessed through different research engines such as Google and through various sources such EMARLD, Mintel, EBSCO, Jstor, Lexis, Key Note, Willey Interscience and Nexis and also through books and web pages. However for completing the current assignment secondary data collection method will be employed and data will be collected through different resources (Dawson, 2002). 4. Resources/Data Access: The information gathered for the current assignment were from different resources such as Journal of Educational Administration, International Studies in Educational Administration, further few books were also employed to gather information such as Developing and applying study skills. London: Chartered Institute of personnel and development, Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling, edition. 9th Canada: John Wiley amp; Sons, The 7 habits of highly effective people. United Kingdom: Simon amp; Schuster UK ltd and Research Methods for Business Students. 5th ed. England: Pearson Education Limited (Saunders et al. , 2003). 5. How and Why: The journal of educational administration was found by using EMARLD, which is an authenticated academic resource and students have access to it through the respective university/college library. Further the international studies in educational administration were also found through EMARLD. The different articles and journal were found by entering the key words of the subject in the search bar and the search engine will find relevant articles. However the different books were accessed through Wiley Interscience such as Developing and applying study skills. London: Chartered Institute of personnel and development, Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling, edition. 9th Canada: John Wiley amp; Sons, however few web pages were also accessed through Google Scholar (http://scholar. google. com). These resources were employed due their academic authenticity as well as they are properly published resources bearing proper author name and the year they were published (Saunders et al. , 2003). Task 2 1. Project Plan: The project plan for the current assignment is simple and is presented as follows: * Understanding the instructions What is the question actually asking for? * Have a quick plan before starting * Collection of information * Use of other authors’ work * Write a more detailed plan * Getting started * Editing the work * Proofreading the draft * The final edit The project plan for starting and completing this assignment is also given in the following form (work break down structure). Work bre ak down structure (WBS) 2. Understanding the instructions: The first and foremost step after getting any kind of assignment is to read it carefully and understand its instructions and for instance if there is ny ambiguity it could be cleared at the beginning so that the assignment could be completed with clear instructions. In case of the current assignment the writer read the instructions and discussed it with the tutor to have a more understanding of the requirements. Moreover, the question/query being asked was fully understood and a quick plan as how to start the assignment was made which included work break down structure and Gantt chart. This further enabled the writer to estimate the time required for the current assignment (Kerzner, 2006) 3. Managing Time Effectively As a Post Graduate Learner: Time management refers to the development of processes and tools that increase efficiency and productivity† (Ward, 2012). Further it allows a person to mange time effectively an d allocates right time to right activity. Managing time effectively allows the individual to prioritize activities according to their importance and allot specific time slot to that activity. Like wise in order to mange time effectively and after having a complete understanding of the instructions the writer was capable of allotting the time required for the current assignment. As time management is critical and important factor in completion of the assignment (Mancini, 2003). 4. Gant chart: The Gantt charts are rigorously used as a project planning tool that could be utilized in order to present the timings of activities that are required to be done in a project. However, Gantt charts are very simple and easy to make and they are widely used by project managers for all type of projects (Durfee, 2008). The following Gantt chart is base on the work break down structure given above. The following graph shows the work load distribution over the week days. It is evident from the graph that more time was given to the assignment on the weekends that is 25 percent on Saturday and 28 percent on Sunday; however the distribution of work is done as per the following percentages on each day. 5. Collection of information: This is the most important activity in making an assignment as the assignment is produced using information gathered from different sources. However, for the current assignment different sources were utilized in order to get good quality academic article, journals, books and web pages. These sources include Journal of Educational Administration; International Studies in Educational Administration, further few books were also employed to gather information such as Developing and applying study skills. London: Chartered Institute of personnel and development, Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling, edition. 9th Canada: John Wiley amp; Sons, The 7 habits of highly effective people. United Kingdom: Simon amp; Schuster UK ltd and Research Methods for Business Students. 5th ed. England: Pearson Education Limited. An important point while gathering information was to consult the core books and such sources that have been recommended by the tutor, apart from these additional information was also gathered. In case if the writer can not get good articles, the best way is to look at the reference list of any one article and the writer can search for the articles and books used by the author of that article. Another important point to be considered is that while collecting information the writer must be sure the material being collected is relevant to the topic he is searching for, otherwise this can distract the writer from the main topic (Covey, 2004). . Write a more detailed plan: In this stage, after collecting the information the writer needs to select the information which is to be included in the assignment and also the order in which it will come. At this stage the writer has to plan how to organize the information and his thoughts for this he may have to write a list, draw flow diagram, an d make charts and tables in order to arrange the information in a symmetrical and presentable form. This practice helps the writer to save time and the assignment will have a flow rather than jumping between different topics. Thus making a detailed plan/structure of the assignment will helps the writer to have a more balanced assignment. 7. Getting Started, Editing the work, proofreading the draft and the final edit After making the structure and flow of the assignment, it is easier for the writer to start the assignment; however, the assignment is usually started with an introduction which is a brief explanation of the topic and this portion gives an insight of the assignment; what is it all about. An important thing which must be remembered that every time the writer makes some notes from a source he/she should keep the reference of the source and it will prevent the assignment from plagiarism and will save time at the end as well. Similarly the writer should make necessary edition in the assignment where necessary, moreover after completing the assignments the writer should proof read the whole draft and make necessary corrections where required and also should check for the grammatical mistakes if any. The writer should follow proper reference style as prescribed by the tutor. Following the above mentioned plan can help the writer make a quality assignment (Currie, 2005). Task 3 Write a 1000 word REFLECTIVE piece (with relevant academic references) that critically analyses the following FOR THIS SPECIFIC ASSIGNMENT: Critical Reflection Report: To begin with, the module study skills for postgraduate learning has been helpful in so many ways as it helped me develop my skills for the post graduate study level. During the course I learnt many things which enabled me to improve my study performance and enhance my skills both at studies and inter personal skills. Further devising a project plan strategy has helped me a lot in enhancing my skills as how a research is done, what are the necessary steps that should be considered, what the different ways through which data could be are collected and how data could be collected. However there were certain problems which were encountered during the research report such as data collection. It was not easy to gather a comprehensive and to the point data from the various resources, therefore the writer has to be very precise and accurate about selection of data as wrong data could lead to ambiguous statements and can distract the writer from main topic. Therefore from the current module I have learnt how to search for a particular topic and how to extract the relevant material from it. However, this practice will remain helpful through my academic career as I will need to search for other subjects as well in order to prepare the assignments (Kolb, 1999). Another aspect which has helped me during this module is the time management. Time management is an effective tool through which one can mange different activities on time and can give proper time for completing the task as well. During the current assignment, in order to complete and submit the assignment on time, I made a proper work break down structure through which I divided each task in small chunks and allotted time as per its priority and this helped me in managing the task in time. Moreover, the division of work according to an allotted time helped me expedite my activities and complete them on time. This particular aspect of time management will be greatly helpful for me in my future life as this practice will allow me to do the tasks in future in the same way. This will further help me to complete my tasks on time also making a break down structure and allotting time will reduce my work burden and I will be able to do the same the work in a more professional and proper manner rather than haphazardly (Allwood, 1980). The process of searching has enabled me to skim through the documents and take the relevant ones out rather studying each and every document and wasting my time. This is an important quality the researcher must posses as in case of short time and where quick action is required, this quality enables the reader to quickly skim through the important notes and respond accordingly (Lillian, 2005) During the course of this assignment as many articles and journals were gathered in order to retrieve useful information for the assignment, by going through this practice, my reading habit has enhanced a lot and reading more has also enhanced my knowledge about particular topic and in future same practice will increase my knowledge about different topics. Another important learning through this assignment is that the more I read different articles and books it enhances my vocabulary. Prior to getting into the reading habit, my vocabulary was week but now if I find I am not aware about any topic or I lack in any information then I search for the particular topic and learn about that topic. The reading habit has made books my friend and through this I enhance my knowledge about different subjects and topics. This habit can help me in future as well as whatever is learnt in present or past does help the individual in future as well and this can save the time of the individual in future from relearning (Martin and Harrell, 2004). Talking specifically of the SSPL assignment, it was a great learning over all. As the assignment itself was focusing primarily on the ways students gathers information in order to make an assignment. For a student it’s a great learning throughout his education career as this enables the student to learn the proper way of making the assignment. This in turn helps the student score good grades. From the current assignment, I came to know that the first thing after getting any assignment or project is to understand its instructions well before starting and after understanding the instructions, an initial plan or structure should be drafted that comprises of the writers ideas, and then information should be gathered accordingly. This drafted structure helped me to have symmetry in my work. However, during the collection of information I came up with better ideas and the information collected gave me new ideas to think in different perspectives about the same topic. Through this assignment I came to learn about making connection of the previous paragraph to the link, rather than jumping from one topic to another (Kim, 2001). Another important learning through this assignment which will benefit me in the future as well is the proper referencing of the information I took from other sources. This prevents me from plagiarism. As plagiarism is copying someone else work or ideas without giving any credit or reference (Burney, 2012). I learnt through this assignment that copy pasting any authors work is unethical, however, if one reproduce any idea in his/her own words by properly referencing it, then it is not plagiarism. However, through this practice I came to know about different styles of referencing such as APA style Harvard style of referencing. To put it in a nutshell, it was a great learning experience through this assignment and it will help me in future to draft quality assignments and score good grades. And it is accurately said by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. that: â€Å"To be master of any branch of knowledge, you must master those which lie next to it; and thus to know anything you must know all†. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. References: Allwood, J. (1976), Linguistic Communication as Action and Cooperation, Monographs in Linguistics 2, Dept of Linguistics, Goteborg University. Allwood, J. 1980), â€Å"Power and Communication† in Allwood, J amp; Ljung, M (red): Alvar – A festshrift to Alvar Ellegard, SPELL 1, Dept of English, Stockholm University. Bain, A. (2000), â€Å"The school design model: strategy for design of 21st century schools†, in Dimmock, C. and Walker, A. (Eds), Future School Administration: Western and Asian Perspectives, Chinese University Press, Hong Kong, pp. 131-66. Bell, L . (2002), â€Å"Strategic planning and school management: full of sound and fury, signifying nothing? † Journal of Educational Administration, Vol. 0 No. 5, pp. 407-24. Bell, L. and Chan, D. W. K. (2005), â€Å"Principals’ leadership and strategic planning in primary schools in Hong Kong and England: a comparison†, International Studies in Educational Administration, Vol. 33 No. 3, pp. 2-21. Burney, A. (2012), Plagiarism, [online], available at: http://www. uok. edu. pk/news/docs/PlagPres. pdf, accessed on 06/05/2012. Lillian. C, (2005), Intercultural Business Communication, 4th ed. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. Currie D. , (2005) Developing and applying study skills. London: Chartered Institute of personnel and development. Covey S. R. , (2004) The 7 habits of highly effective people. United Kingdom: Simon amp; Schuster UK ltd Dawson, C. (2002), Practical Research Methods, New Delhi, UBS Publishers’Distributors. Durfee, W. (2008), Project Planning and Gantt Charts, [Online], available at: http://www. me. umn. edu/courses/me2011/handouts/proj_planning. pdf, accessed on 05/05/2012. Kumar and Ranjit, 2005, Research Methodology-A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners,(2nd. ed. ),Singapore, Pearson Education. Kim, Y. Y. 2001), Becoming intercultural: An integrative theory of communication and cross-cultural adaptation. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Kolb D. (1999). The Kolb Learning Style Inventory, Version 3. Boston: Hay Group. Martin, J. N. , amp; Harrell, T. (2004), Intercultural re-entry of students and professionals: Theory and practice. In D. Landis, J. M. Bennett, amp; M. J. Bennett (Eds. ), Handbook of intercultural training, 3rd ed. 309–33 6. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Saunders M. , Lewis P. and Thornhill A. , (2003) Research Methods for Business Students. 5th ed. England: Pearson Education Limited.

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Professional Online Prof Read Services

Professional Online Prof Read ServicesTo make the most of the professional online prof read services you need to do some things. You have to know that the cost of these services will differ for different categories. In this article, we are going to look at the two most important aspects that affect the price of these services.Firstly, there is the type of data collections that are available for the different categories. There are things like the questions you ask and the types of details that you want to get back. The more detailed your request, the more the fee you pay. This is especially true if you would like to request information from an individual who runs a business online. However, if you only want information about a company or a product you can ask for it for free.Another thing to consider when you are looking at the cost of the professional online prof read services is the range of products that you are looking for. You should be able to get information from a wide range o f topics. This will help you find the right product at the right price.There are many service providers in the internet that can give you results at a very reasonable price. You can also find a lot of free services online where you can perform simple searches. If you have limited time, you may be able to find a lot of data that you need within a short period of time.Before you decide on the kind of professional online prof read services that you are looking for, you should make sure that you are paying for the services in a way that is ethical. You should take into account that the better the value you pay for your data, the more reliable the result you will get.One of the most important things to remember is that the professional online proofread services will provide you with a complete report on the subject of your request. This means that they will tell you about the amount of data that they have and how much they have in their storage. Most professional online prof read service s will tell you about the availability of the information they have for a certain product and by category.If you are looking for professional online prof read services to increase traffic to your website, then you should expect results that will speak for themselves. If you want to know about the amount of traffic that your website receives, you can use the professional online prof read services and then you can use other search engines to see the traffic figures for your website. If you are trying to get a good ranking for your website, you can use the professional online prof read services to help you with the overall ranking of your website.So, these are the things to think about when you are looking for professional online prof read services. By taking the time to consider these things, you can get access to the very best results possible for your online business.